: Vision Art Media 2019 International Exhibition at Metropolitan Gallery 450 Fremont St. Suite 270 Las Vegas NV, 89101
The Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas presents another Exhibition by Vision Arts Media. If you are an artist and wish to exhibit with Vision Art Media. Contact Vision Art Media at their website at www.visionartmedia.com for more details.
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: : 5th Moon Group Painting Exhibition at Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas. NEONOPOLIS COMPLEX - 450 Fremont St. Suite 270 Las Vegas NV 89101
The Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas will be hosting and opening reception for the 5th Moon Group from Taiwan. Over 100 paintings by over 50 different artists. Opening reception will include wine and light buffet from 7pm to 10pm on September 6th 2019. Members are free. Non-members $15.00 admission at the door.
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Mark James Rowland
Metropolitan Gallery Las Vegas. Neonopolis Complex. Downtown Arts District.
450 Fremont St. Suite 270
las vegas Nevada 89101 United States
702 337 7513
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NEONOPOLIS - 450 Fremont Street Las Vegas NV 89101
Phone 702-337-7513
Open: Wednesday - Saturday
Hours: 11:30PM - 4:30PM

See our 2018 International Contemporary Masters Exhibition on facebook!

Getting to the Exhibition

Exhibition Date: February 23rd, 2019 thru April 6, 2019.
mglv.org interior

Neonopolis Complex
450 Fremont St.,2nd Floor
LasVegas, NV., 89101
(in the "Neonopolis" complex at Fremont St.and LasVegas Blvd)

Click on the image below to view the museum parking garage entrance and surrounding area.

Opening Reception:
February 23rd, 2019
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Please let the Museum know if you plan to attend the "Opening Reception" and where you will be staying, as well as the number of guests you wish to bring ?

Submitting Your Artwork

Allowed Mediums: paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, electronic art, LED, mixed medium.

Paintings should not exceed 48" x 60" (121cm x 152cm) in size, or (20 sf. in overall area.)Photography has the same limitations as well as all other wall art mediums. Sculpture is limited to 400lbs.

Art Identification
Wall art must be properly "labeled on the back" of each work which includes the artist's; name, title of work, medium and selling price, in U.S. Dollars. All work must be prepared for hanging with a "back wire",and suitably framed or otherwise presentable for exhibit. For photography ,we STRONGLY recommend that you use Plexi in stead of glass. ,so shipping damages don't occur and thereby delay hanging. Sculpture must also be tagged with ID and info.

Exhibition Donation :
A donation per piece -(maximum of TEN works) is required, as follows:
1-work = $215.00 US.
2-works = $374.00
3-works = $495.00
4-works = $561.00
5-works = $627.00
6-works = $682.00
7-works = $748.00
8-works = $803.00
9-works = $858.00
10- works = $902.00

To make your donation and reserve your space(s) in the 2019 ICM Exhibition. Enter the online store by clicking the picture icon below.
All information submitted through this website is encrypted to protect your personal privacy.
All transactions are conducted directly through paypal. You do not need an account to complete the transaction. Any major credit card or a paypal account will suffice. The Metropolitan Gallery of Las Vegas does not store, handle or manage any of your financial information.
mglv.org donation mglv.org secure   secure online payments

A diptych is considered 2 works, a triptych is considered 3works. The donation is used to support the Museum's operating expenses related to these shows which include handling costs(unpacking/repacking). Donations must be received prior to you shipping your art. Artists will be responsible for their shipping costs TO and FROM the Museum. All works being returned after exhibition must be prepaid directly to the carrier of your choice. The Museum cannot act as your shipping agent nor accept your freight prepayment. You must act directly with a freight carrier and pay them directly.

Payment Deadline:
For this show is February 16th, 2019. If using a check/Money Order, you will need to contact the Museum for instructions. Payments are encouraged to be online, by Credit Card, or Debit Card with Secure Processing through PayPal.

Payment Options:
We accept (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Debit and Credit cards.All other forms of payment, including; Travelers Checks, or InternationalMoney Orders, or Wire Transfers, MUST BE APPROVED in advance(call or e-mail the museum for approval).
ALL payments must be in US. Dollars !

If you are Paying for someone, "Other Than Yourself", please enter the artists NAME, on your payment. Thank you !

Shipping your Artwork

Shipment Deadline
Schedule Your Art to arrive, anytime PRIOR to February 16th, 2019

Customs and Your Carrier:
You may use any shipper you wish, but be sure, that you (and your shipper)comply with the "export and import regulations", of your country.Your shipper should have the experience to accomplish this, on your behalf. Failure to comply with "regulations", may result in delays or complications. All works being returned after exhibition must be prepaid directly to the carrier of your choice. The Museum cannot act as your shipping agent nor accept your freight prepayment. You must act directly with a freight carrier and pay them directly.

Although ART is duty free within the US, it is NOT duty free upon RETURN in many countries. If you take time to Pre-register your parcel ,with YOUR country's customs office, and receive a "VAT registration Number", Prior to shipment to the US. You will AVOID extra expense. It is YOUR Responsibility to provide a Commercial Invoice and Register the VAT.

Ship Your Art To:
Metropolitan Gallery, ART MUSEUM
450 Fremont Street ,Suite# 270
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101, USA.
tel. (702 337 7513)

Notify Us:
After you have contracted with your shipper/carrier please notify the Museum via Email: mglv.org@mail.com of the Carriers name and tracking information.
If you have questions contact the Museum via e-mail, or call at 702 337 7513

Please ensure that your packing material is REUSEABLE , as it will be used for the return of your artwork.ENSURE THAT YOUR OUTER CRATE IS MARKED WITH YOUR NAME. ( you may also ,wish to include a "Return Label," or "Return Bill of Lading", to further expedite return.)If you have any specific transport related questions, contact the Museum.

Selling your work

Sale of Art Work:
The Museum can make arrangements for the sale of your art to interested collectors and Museum visitors. All sales must go through the Museum Gift Store in US Dollars. A 40% commission all sales will be collected by the Museum. Artwork must remain on display until the exhibition is over.

The artist will be responsible for the shipping and insurance expenses related to their worK(s), both TO and FROM the Museum.The Museum will be responsible for insuring the artwork against complete loss while under Museum care. A Museum designated appraiser will determine the value.Please List: Title, Medium, Dimensions on your manifest, or commercial invoice,Please ensure that the same information is on the BACK of each work.


Contingent Liability:
If the Museum is charged for any shipping or customs expenses, we will bill the artist along with handling charges.NOTE: Storage Fees; Art work will be held for sixty(60) days beyond the closing of the Exhibition ,after which a forty dollar ($40 U.S.) monthly storage fee will assessed.

Defective Packaging:
If defective packaging results in damage to your art, or your carton, upon arrival at museum, we will contact you immediately! You have the option, to authorize repair for exhibition purposes, here at the museum, at a modest additional cost. Repair and or Carton Replacement can also be quoted to you, if deemed necessary.


SAVE on Shipping Costs, and Museum Services:
On large paintings, you can SAVE on shipping by; DeStretching, Rolling into a TUBE, for shipment to us. The Museum will build a "new stretcher" and "re-stretch" the painting for you! We can also "De-Stretch" after Exhibition, and "Roll for Return Shipment", to you. Generally, this is no more that a $60.00 additional expense, but it can save Hundreds of Dollars on your, TO and FROM freight costs!Additionally, photographers can send digital files, via e-mail, to us to PRINT their Exhibition IMAGE here, thus avoiding possible impact on their originals ,and the associated "freight costs and customs costs", To and From exhibition! "Reasonable Cost Framing" is also available by quotation, through Museum Services.Please notify us early, if you are interested in being Quoted on any of these Museum Services?

Local Accommodations

Hotel Accommodations:
Please contact the hotels "directly",for accommodations information.There are two main venues in Las Vegas: Casino hotels on "The Strip"which is a 5 mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard from the Mandalay Bay on the south end to the Stratosphere Hotel Casino on the north end of theStrip.The other hotel venue is downtown Las Vegas, a few miles north of the Stratosphere, centered around the Fremont Street Experience, (generally within walking distance to the Museum).

Downtown Grand Hotel Casino
206 N. 3rd St., Las Vegas, NV.,89101
Reservations; 1-800-916-4339

Golden Nugget Hotel Casino
129 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 89101
Reservations: 1-800-992-2694

El Cortez Hotel Casino
800 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 89101
Reservations: 1-800-634-6703

Metropolitan Gallery News

Huffington Post Article: https://tinyurl.com/ydetrmnv

American Art Awards Article: https://tinyurl.com/yb4arfhb

Hollywood Alert Article: https://tinyurl.com/y7kthkyy

Contacting the Museum

Thank you for visiting the Metropolitan Gallery online. Complete and submit the form below. A museum official will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Gallery-interior-mglv.org Open: Wednesday - Saturday
Hours: 12PM - 4:30PM

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